Beyond "+1"……

62nd Hokkaido University Festival

  • Beyond "+1"……

    62nd Hokkaido University Festival

  • The culmunation of intelligence and vitality……

    62nd Hokkaido University Festival

  • You will get to want to come again……

    62nd Hokkaido University Festival

About "Hokudaisai"

Hokkaido University Festival consists of 9 festivals.

In Yuryosai, freshmen and clubs open booths.

In Seven Festivals of faculties and courses, some research presentations and projects will be done.

In International Food Festival, we can enjoy international food cooked by abroad students.

These festivals are held at the same time on Sapporo campus, which has large area: 1.78millionm².

Last year, around one hundred thousand people visited this festival.

Booths opened by students make the main street colorful. And the number of booths is one of the best in Japan.

Message from Chairman

The Hokudaisai Office
Chairman Shunsuke Kobayashi

Thank-you for your access to 62nd Hokkaido University Festival ,Hokudaisai, official web site.

Hokudaisai will be held on June 5(Fri)~7(Sun), 2020 in this year.

There are several entertainment, such as Interational Food Festival, more than 200 booths, presentation at faculty・cource ridge and events which are run by Hokudaisai office in Hokudaisai. Sapporo campus will bustle with them and attendant at the most in a year.

#Hokudai Discover」 was elected as a theme of 62nd Hokudaisai. We are working very hard to amuse attendants through new Hokudaisai.

Lastly, I wish to express my deep gratitude to you for your cooperation respecting holding of Hokudaisai.

The extraordinary experiences in the main street of Hokkaido University,
which is full of greenery……

62nd Hokudaisai is

days away


62nd Hokudaisai Theme


The hashtag #Sapporo-discover widely appeared in media including SNS.

The main street of Hokkaido University, designated as a marathon course of 2020 Tokyo Olympic, is full of attraction, and so many tourists visit there. Hokudaisai holds endless possibilities, and you can enjoy extraordinary experiences at Hokudaisai.

In the theme of #Hokudai-discover, let’s find good points of Hokkaido University!

Access to Sapporo campus

JR Line

7-min walk from JR Sapporo Station to main gate.

subway Toho Line

13-min walk from Sapporo Station(H07) to main gate.
9-min walk from Kita-13-jo higashi Station(H06) to kita-13-jo gate.

subway Namboku Line

10-min walk from Sapporo Station(N06) to main gate.
4-min walk from Kita-12-jo Station(N05) to Kita-13-jo gate.
7-min walk from Kita-18-jo Station(N04) to Kita-18-jo gate.

Chuo Bus・JR Hokkaido Bus

3-min walk from bus stop "Hokudaiseimonmae" to main gate.
3-min walk from bus stop "Hokudaibyoinmae" to Kita-13-jo gate.
5-min walk from bus stop "Kita-18-jo Nishi-5-tyome" to Kita-18-jo gate.

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