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Food Booth Grand-Prix

What is the 'Food Booth Grand-Prix'?

Which Food Booth will be most popular!
Let's vote for your favorite Food Booth!
Get a chance to receive big prize by voting!

How to vote

Use Food Booth Search below and vote for your favorite Food Booth!
If you show the 'vote completed' page at Food Booth Grand-Prix booth,you can participate in lottery!

Searching Food Booth:
You can search the Food Booth that participates in the 'Food Booth Grand-Prix' from below.

along the main street in front of the Faculity of Engineering Fountain(Food Booth Grand-Prix booth)

Voting Period:
2nd June(Fri) 12:00~21:00
3rd June(Sat)   9:00~21:00

Lottery Period:
2nd June(Fri) 13:00~20:00
3rd June(Sat) 10:00~20:00

Result Announcement:
Result of top winning Food Booth will be announced on this page and official Hokudaisai SNS.
Check it out!
Interim Result: 3rd June(Sat) 10:30
Final Result: 4th June(Sun) 10:30

3rd Day Project:
Small games are prepared!
Children are very welcomed!
4th June(Sun) 9:00~16:00
*Lottery for voting will not be held on this day.


If you carry out those prohibitions below, any suspicious activities in the food booths, or we find unusual number of votes, the Hokudaisai Staff may reprimand you or your Tent.

  • Vote more than once for one category.
  • Vote after the food booths have closed.
  • Vote that is thought apparently suspicious.
  • Compel visitors to vote for your Tent.